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Mini-Site Setup

The Mini-Site is your public facing web site. This site is where you will direct parents and students to register, and find out more about your program.

Each school will have it's own unique URL.

For example see North Davis Elementary:

Content on your Mini-Site is controlled through the admin panel on the main site.

First step is to login to the main site.

Next, click on "Admin" in the black navigation bar and select "General" from the drop down.

Click the "Portal" tab.

At the top of your Portal settings are three very important date fields.

Note that dates are formatted Year-Month-Day e.g. January 2nd, 2013 would be formatted like 2013-01-02

Mini-Site URL

The URL to your public Mini-Site. This is the URL you would give to parents as a place to register and get information about your program.

Program Start and End Dates

These dates control the statistics on the Mini-Site for both the rotating summary on the main page and the Statistics page. This is a great option if you are running a number of smaller programs through the year, for example if you have a two week program in each the fall, winter, and spring, you can adjust the dates to show only the miles earned during that period.

Last Registration Day

If you are using the electronic registration, that date enables a "Register" link in the black navigation bar and the green register button in Column 1.

Set this with the last date you will accept an on-line registration. After that date the "Register" link and button will both disappear.

If you are not using the electronic registration, simply input a date prior to today?s date.

Main Header

When someone comes to your mini-site, they are greeted by one of two messages. If your program has not started, we show them the content in "Front Page (no miles)". This is usually a call to register and a pre-announcement for your program. It will also automatically show the green register button if you have enabled it with the "Last Registration Day" date setting.

If your program has already started then we will show a rotating summary of your statistics including the total miles, calories, and CO2.

Keep in mind that the mini-site is updated every 8 hours. If you make a change here you might not see it reflected in the reports. If it's import, change your program start or end date, save then reload the mini-site report, it should be refreshed.

"Front Page Sub Header " is the smaller text under the rotating statistics or the "Front Page (no miles)" text.

This field is optional and allows you to expand on the larger announcement text headline.

Column One

This column is important. If you have chosen to use the electronic registration, it automatically adds the green register button to the bottom of column one. Use this column for your registration information. Optionally, if you have disabled the electronic registration you can use it for anything you like. E.g. this could be where you detail the prizes and or special rewards like extended recess for the class with the most participants.

Column 1-3 Headers

These are the headers over each column.

Column 1-3 text

The text in each of these fields will be shown on your mini-site, html entries are allowed.

Public Access to Stat Summaries

The Teacher, and Grade summary stats can be individually enabled by selecting "Yes."

Other Settings

This next group of settings controls hints shown to those registering.

Reg user name example and Reg user placeholder is the information shown to the parent on the registration page to help them conform to user name preferences.

The Mile Type indicates the distance entered on by the parent on the registration page is to be round trip or one way

Google Map URL

This is the URL copied from Google Maps with the schools address as the end point for walking or biking directions.

This enables a parent to open a new browser window and input their home address to get an accurate distance to school.

Update button

If you are adding content directly to this settings page be sure to save it every few minutes. If the page is not saved every few minutes your security session will timeout and all your updates will be lost since the last save.

Save often....!