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Quick Start Settings

If you don't know what Quick Start is, start here.

Login as the admin with access to the general settings
  1. Select the school you want to update from the top black menu bar (if you have access to multiple schools)
  2. Click "General" under the "Admin Settings" in the left hand side bar.

Click the "Quick Start" tab (1) then select "Quick Start Enable" from the pull down menu (2)

Now we have all the settings in view

Default Miles: Each QS account gets this as a default distance.

Barcode Char Count: This is the number of digits in the barcode. For example 12586 is 5 digits in length. This is one error check we use so that random barcodes don't accidentally create new accounts. This is not required, but recommended.

Barcode Start Range: For those of you with multiple schools it's a good practice to give each school their own unique range of numbers. This is very handy if you start scanning but have forgotten to change your settings to the new school, with a range set you will get an error if you scan a barcode outside of the schools range. It's important to note that you CAN have barcodes outside of the range, this setting is only for "New" accounts that will automatically be created by the QS system. The scanner will get an "Error" message if the barcode number is not between the start and end range.

Barcode End Range: This is the last number in your barcode range.

Default Trans: This is the transportation type each QS user is assigned when the account is created.

Default Teacher: The teacher each QS user is assigned to when the account is created. It's good to create a generic "Phantom teacher" for this setting especially if you will be using the "Ask for Teacher on creation" below.

Ask for Teacher on creation: This prompts the scanner to ask the student for the teacher. Works really well with the apps.

Make all you changes and then click the "Update" button to save them.

But Wait There is More!

One more consideration if you are using the Mini-Site Registration. You will want to enable the "Collect Barcode on Reg Form." If your program allows for notifications this is the method to convert a QS account to a notification account. When the form is turned in and accepted, the QS default data is updated with the correct distance and mode.

Click the "Portal" tab

Scroll down to the "Collect Barcode on Reg Form" check the box and click the Update button at the bottom to save the settings.

Collect Barcode on Reg Form: This adds a field to your online registration form asking to input the barcode number if you have one. If you are mixing full registration and QS this is highly recommended and allows you to convert data from the QS account to a registered account. Once the form has be accepted, all the old data is updated with the new distance mode and teacher.


Q: Do I have to set a "Barcode Char Count" or Start and End Range?
A: No. but if you don't any barcode scanned that is unique to your school will create an account. This is especially useful for the apps since they are constantly searching for barcodes and as soon as the find one they scan it. At the very least I recommend inputing a character count. examples: 00478 = Character count of 5

Q: My barcodes have a leading zero what do I put for the start and end range?
A: If you have leading zeros (example 001000 to 001500) drop the leading zeros and input 1000 to 1500. However, your character count would be 6.