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Virtual Badges

The virtual badges were developed to help encourage and track student participation. You can track three different trip counts (contest, school year and lifetime) which gives you the ability to build a customized incentive program. For example you might have a year long walking Wednesday program but want to do a month long program in May. With the contest counts you can setup specific goals for May and still maintain a year long school incentive program. Badges can also be awarded on specific dates (bike to school day, or a rainy day). One other option is to award virtual incentive money when the badge is earned. For example if you want to encourage at least four trips a month you can add an incentive amount if they achieve that goal.

Example of how they are displayed to the student
Virtual Badges Setup

You can find the Virtual Badges here:
Admin Settings >> General >> Badges (tab)

?Enable badges by selecting "Badges Enabled" from the pull down menu.

Click the green "Add Virtual Badge" button.

Select a badge image.

Select a badge type

There are three different trip counts for each user.

  1. Contest. This trip count can be reset by you at anytime and used for contests during the year. For example you might offer monthly contests where students can win a badge if they scan in 4 times during the month. At the end of the month you can reset the contest trip counts and have another contest.
  2. School Year. This keeps track of all trips during the school year. This count is reset automatically at the begging of the school year.
  3. Lifetime. This tracks all trips taken under the account for any number of school years.

The three different trip types allow you to mix and match your incentives. For example I might have three, one month long contests where the student can win a badge if they scan in four times during the month. I can also offer a "grand" prize with a "School Year" badge of 12 trips so I know which students scanned in every day.

Enter the number of "Trips to Earn" and a "Name"

The "Award on Date" and "Incentive $" are optional.

Award on Date. This is used for date specific awards. This must be set before your first scan of the day [it can not be awarded retroactively]. For example if it's bike to school day and you want to give anyone who scan in that day. Another example is the bad weather award.

Another example of a weather award.

Incentive $. This optional setting allows you to award a specific amount of your virtual currency when they receive the badge. It can be used separately or together with your daily incentive awards.

Example Badge Setup

Reseting the "Contest Trip Counts"

You can reset your schools Contest Count at any time during the year by clicking the red button "Reset Contest Trip Count"

Check the "No Worries!" checkbox and click the red button.

You would need to do this at the end of each contest period and before your first scan of the next contest.

Deleting Badges

Click the blue "Edit" button

Click the red "Delete" button and confirm you want to delete this badge. Deleting the badge will NOT remove any previously awarded badges.