Diagnosing problems with the mobile app

The variables:
  1. App Version. Are you rocking the latest version?
  2. The phone hardware (make and model of the phone; example iPhone 8)
  3. Phone Software and version (IOS 12.1)
  4. Carrier (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T Mobile, etc)
  5. Network connection (2G, 3G, LTE, Wifi)
  6. Location were you are scanning

It's probably not a surprise that newer, faster phones work better. This is because they usually have better cameras, faster processing chips and use the newest network connections. While a new phone drastically improves performance, the main issue is the location of where you are scanning. If you have poor cellular connection at your scanning location the app might not work. This is one reason we encourage you to test the exact location prior to any scanning days. What you might discover is that one carrier, Verizon for example has a great connection at that location but those using AT&T have a very weak and slow connection making the scanning impossible with that carrier at that location.

When you experience problems, note which phone hardware, the version of the phone software and who the carrier is. You will quickly discover if there is a problem with one of the carriers and/or models of phones. One of the biggest problems I've seen is phones that are not on a major cellular network. Make a list of these poor performing phones and carriers. When recruiting volunteers ask about their phone and carrier to head off any location specific issues you've discovered.

Now let's assume they are on a proven phone and network but it's still not working correctly. Try these one by one until your issue is resolved.

  1. Turn off wifi and use just the carriers network (if a phone thinks it's connected to wifi it will try that first)
  2. Restart the phone.
  3. Delete the app and reinstall.
  4. Update to the most current version of the app.

If you are still having trouble email me a detailed description of the issue along with the following info. App Version.

  1. The phone hardware (which make and model of the phone; example iPhone 8)
  2. Phone Software and version (IOS 12.1 )
  3. Carrier (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T Mobile, etc)
  4. Was wifi enabled? What network were you connected to?
  5. Does it behave the same way when scanning at a different location, like at home with wifi?
  6. Send specific examples, the more detail the better. Example "on 8/10/16 I scanned barcode number 1234 and it did this but I expected this".