Encouragment & Evaluation

How it works.

We provide the tools to help implement, encourage and evaluate your active transportation program. Each student is given an id tag that is scanned with our free app on program days. This scan captures the students trip, distance and mode. The optional parent notification (Text, Phone, or Email) can be sent in real-time. The system can grow with your needs from one day a month, to a daily program. Data reports/exports are available at the district, school, classroom and student level.

Every school is unique which is why we've created an assortment of tools you can mix and match to create your perfect program.


Parents Love the Notifications

Increase participation and program support with this option!

Enabling the immediate Text, Phone or Email Notification with each scan boost enrollment and can be the deciding factor in getting a program started.

Our newest update enables you to specify any number of text messages and/or emails allowed per student account. Now both parents can receive a text!

The new "Time Windows" feature allows for a check-in and check-out notification with their own custom message.

Text Message

Monkey Money

A virtual currency that students earn with each scan.

The amount and name of the currency is up to you.

Keeping things “virtual” means there is nothing to manually track, no spreadsheets and nothing the student can lose. All you need is the Active4me App or a laptop connected to the internet to withdraw money from the students account.

We found that M$M increases participation and builds a sense of personal empowerment as the students earn and spend their own money.

Add M$M to your school store or have an after school party to give the students somewhere to spend it.

Virtual Badges

Set and track participation goals.

You select the badge and the number of "Trips" needed to earn it.

There are three different "Trip Counts"
  • Contest - offer weekly or monthly challenges.
  • School year - rests yearly
  • Lifetime - for multi-year programs

These are a great way to award physical items too. Use the Badge Report for any specific date range to see who needs to receive the award.

Quick Start

The fastest way to start a program is with Quick Start.

Give the student a tag and the first scan automatically creates a new account with a default distance and travel mode.

You can optionally request the teacher/classroom.

With an anonymized student account (we use the tag number for their name) we don't have to have the signed form from the parents. This enable everyone to participate and gives you accurate trip/participant counts while still enabling the Monkey Money and Virtual Badges.

Automated Scanning

Two options for unattended scanning

  • Kiosk Mode - Use any computer and barcode scanner.
  • Dero Zap - Dero's RFID reader.

How To:

Start a Walk and Roll Wednesday Program

A detailed video and guide courtesy of Street Smarts Diablo and Cara DeJong.

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Virtual Badges

Free Trial

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Unrestricted access to all features.

We'll even import your whole school list if you use our import template.

Trial accounts are typically created in 1-2 business days after submission.

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