Delete Students

To help you keep year over year historic data when you "Delete" a student, we actually keep it in the background but as an anonymized record. For example a few days after you delete a student record we delete the username, barcode number, notes and any email or phone numbers associated with it. The username and barcode information is replaced with a randomized string of text. This enables you to run accurate reports from previous years and to remove any personal data from students/parents that are no longer in your program.

Individual students can be deleted by click the red "Delete" button in the student row.

But what if we want to delete all the graduating students?

Let's assume it is the end of the year and we need to delete all the graduating students from Mrs. Smith's 6th grade class.

Login to

1. Click Students in the side bar menu.

2. Type "Mrs Smith" into the search field.

3. Click the checkbox at the top to select them all. Please note you might need to change the "records per page" if not all of the students are visible. It will only remove the students you can view in the table.

4. Select the "Delete Selected Students" from the "Delete/Move Tool" at the bottom.

5. Click the red "Update Selected"