IOS 16 Barcode Scan Bug

Updated 10/22/22

IOS 16 Beta

We have a workaround fix for barcode scanning on the new IOS 16.
If you have upgraded to IOS 16 and can no longer scan barcodes you can install the beta version here:

This app is very limited in features and can only scan.
All other features are disabled.
If you have a multi-school login account you will need to create individual login accounts for each school.

Missing features will be added as soon as we can and you will be notified of updates if you signup for the beta.

Updated 10/17/22

IOS 16 Barcode Scanning Bug

We just discovered an IOS 16 bug that breaks barcode scanning.
If you use QR codes these work as expected and there is no impact.
As of 16.02 this bug has not been fixed but we do expect it to be fixed in an upcoming point release.
For now avoid updating to IOS 16 if you require barcode scanning.

We will update this page when the issue is resolved.

General recommendations:

  • Upgrade IOS only on a point one release (example 16.1)
  • Start or transition to using QR codes if possible