Import barcodes from text file

This can be a primary input mechanism for schools without internet access or as a backup for schools that are having network issues.

Let's start with the basics and say your school suddenly is no longer connected to the internet and you have a line of kids starring at you. No problem just open up a new text file.

1. Launch a program to record your barcode numbers into:
On the Mac find and open "TextEdit"
For the PC open "NotePad" usually found in
Start >> Accessories >> NotePad

2. Save the file with todays date.

3. Start scanning into the document, remembering to save occasionally.

The text file should look like this:

Notice that there is one barcode number on each line.

4. After you are done scanning, save and close the file.

5. Now once you are back at a location with internet access you can upload this file.

6. Go to "Import Barcodes"

7. Select the Scan Date*
*Please note that if you are using the notifications option, it will only send notifications if todays date is the same as your input scan date. For example if today is Wednesday and you are importing Monday's scans it will NOT send out notifications to the parents but it will record those trips.

8. Make sure both the "Use Motorolla CS3070 import layout" and "Use Motorolla CS3070" are UNCHECKED. If you are curious what these are see below.

7. Click the "Choose File" button and locate the file and click open.

8. Now click the blue "Upload File" button. The system will now upload and process each barcode. You will get a success or error message for each barcode submitted.

If you get all errors make sure you have saved the file as "TEXT" that is very important.