Virtual Badges

The virtual badges were developed to help encourage and track student participation.

Badges are awarded by the "Trip Count".

There are three different trip counts (contest, school year and lifetime) These three options give you the ability to build a customized incentive program.

For example you might have a year long Walking Wednesday program but want to do a month long program in May. With the contest counts you can setup specific goals for May and still maintain a year long school incentive program. Badges can also be awarded on specific dates (bike to school day, or a rainy day). Awarding Monkey Money is another badge option. For example if you want to encourage at least four trips a month you can add a Monkey Money bonus of $1.00 when that badge is awarded.

Adding a badge enables it. The system automatically award the badge to any student who has received that trip count between your Program Start and End Dates.

Deleting a badge removes it from any student it was awarded to within your current Program Start and End Dates.

This is a Badge Report show the students that received a Badge in that date range.
The Badge Report is very useful if you are awarding real prizes like t-shirts, stickers or certificates.

Login to

1. Click Settings in the side bar menu.

2. Click "Badges" in the expanded side bar menu.

3. Click the green +Badge button to add a new one.

5. Click on the image to select the badge

There are three different trip count types.

Contest counts can be reset at any time.

School Year counts are controlled by the program dates in settings.

Lifetime counts are multi-year trip counts.

Trips: Enter number of trips to earn badge

Award on Date (optional) This is used for date specific awards. For example a Bike to School Day or a particularly cold windy day.

Monkey Money (optional): Amount to deposit to student account when they are awarded this badge.

Name: Name of badge.

Click the Save button