Why do I get these messages?

Hey Boss,
We had another email problem [ dropped ]
This email address [ bad@email.com ] was unchecked or deleted from this account [ userName ].


First off, you are awesome! Thank you!

Coordinating a Walk to School program is a time consuming and often thankless job but you are truly impacting the lives of all the student in your program. Now the reason?.

You get these because you are the Boss, run the show, sit at the top and survey all things deemed good and worthy.

Your helper Robot, that?s who sent you the email, is busy in the background keeping you in the loop of any administrative task it just completed. You probably don?t want to deal with a bunch of bounced email or unsubscribes do you? I didn?t think so.

These are just messages to let you know something important has changed and your Robot thinks the Boss might be interested.

For example some humans enter incorrect email addresses. Your Robot will catch these errors and prompt you to get the correct email.

Even More Info:

Dropped: received one or more bounces or a number of soft-bounces and that email has been entered into a special list and we will NEVER send another email to this address. It?s black-listed, dead to us.

Bounced: probably a bad email address was entered and you should follow up with the parent to get a better one.

Soft-Bounce: The email was temporarily unable to be delivered. The system will try for 24 hours to redeliver and then report a Bounced email.

Rejected: The email address has been dropped or the user reported our email as Spam. If a user reports us as spam (that?s really bad) we will never send that email address another email, ever.